3 Exercises To Melt Belly Fat Once and For All !

by Farhan Rasheed
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After all those high-calorie meals eaten during winter, we bet you are trying a variety of diets and food regimes to lose weight and most importantly to melt the stubborn fat on your belly, but without success.

Here are three quick and simple exercises that will give you results, but only if you do them every day.

Of course, it does not forget to eat healthy food and drink a lot of liquid. Eight glasses of water every day is necessary for normal functioning of the metabolism and good digestion.

1. Side bending

Your feet should be at shoulder wideness and hold your arms upright along the body. For better results, hold weights in your hands. In case you don’t have weights, then use e small water bottles filled with sand. Bring one hand down and lift the other one at the same time, and then switch sides. The hand that was up to starting to bring it down slowly while you are lifting the other one, Do 50 repetitions.

2. Torso rotation

Leave the weights, and spread your legs until you can comfortably bend the knees. Extend the hands in front of you and join them. Start to move the hands to the left and right alternately. Same as in the previous exercise do 50 repetitions.

3. Switching

Once you finished with the previous two exercises, lie on the floor with straight legs and arms clinging to each other, and lifted high above the head. Lift the legs and hands at the same time as high as you cane. When you get to the position in which the limbs are in the highest position, wait in this position for some seconds and then start to move down slowly until you are back on the floor with both arms and legs. Do 15 repetitions.

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