7 Fitness Myths In Which We All Believe !

by Farhan Rasheed
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Did you hear that for perfect abs all you need to do every morning are ab exercises? This, of course, isn’t true. For fit body shape, hard work and sweat are necessary, but first, learn all truths and myths for the fitness.

1. You want to lose belly fat

Truth: If you want to lose weight in a particular body part, you have to activate the whole body.

2. The fitness equipment is better than weights

Truth: Many gym instruments restrict the movement, and if you use them improperly, they can harm you rather than helping you.

3. Stretching prevents injuries during workout

Truth: Recent studies have shown that the stretching before exercising doesn’t have some particular effect.

4. All calories are selfsame

Truth: The body is processing fresh and prepared food differently.

5. You should drink eight glasses of water every day

Truth: Drink only if you are thirsty, and check your urine regularly.

6. If you are sweating more, that means you are burning more calories

Truth: We are sweating to establish temperature balance in the body, which means that if you are sweating a lot, you are warm.

7. For “Abdominal tiles” doing Ab exercises is enough

Truth: The most effective are cardio exercises, regimen, and body movement.

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