How To Get Flat Tummy In 10 DAYS

by Farhan Rasheed
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Though it looks impossible to lose extra fat of tummy in merely 10 days but is not, by strictly following a proper diet plan and a working exercise regime for 10 days, one can increase his/her metabolism rate, which in turn, will help in getting rid of that saggy tummy. Let’s read the steps needed to be taken each day to get a perfectly flat belly.

DAY 1: start with having 10-12 glasses of water every day. Take honey mixed with warm water in the morning. Eradicate all the junk food from the diet and add fresh fruits, green veggies, nuts, beans, etc. in the diet. More carbohydrates rich foods need to be avoided.

DAY 2: aspirants may start with some easy exercises by this day. Determine to have fresh fruits (excluding apples and bananas) and raw or boiled veggies for at least five times a day. Eat something every three hours. All of this will help in increasing the metabolism rate.

DAY 3: use oatmeal as your breakfast food. Avoid fats and increase protein intake. Have yogurt, fresh vegetables, and fruits as snacks and start breathing squat exercise for 10 times.

DAY 4: now start tummy crunching exercise. Have vegetable mixed omelet without yolk as for breakfast, boiled chicken as snacks and vegetable salad for lunch. Have some nuts or seeds whenever you feel hungry.

DAY 5: do sit-ups this day and have toned milk along with fruits. Two bananas can also be included in the diet. Have vegetables soup and a lot of water.

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DAY 6: Do more sit-ups and crunches and have a long morning walk. Have two egg whites along with green beans as breakfast and grilled chicken breast for a snack.

DAY 7: begin aerobics exercise for 30 minutes. Take boiled chicken as breakfast and steamed broccoli or watermelon seeds as a snack.

DAY 8: you can go for swimming along with routine exercises. Have omelet, made up of 2 egg whites, with bread as breakfast. Drink 12 glasses of water and take soy, fruits, and yogurt as a snack.

DAY 9: walk for at least 40 minutes. It is advised either to go for aerobics and swimming or sit-ups and crunches. Consume low calorie and highly fibrous vegetables for the whole day to get the digestive system cleansed.

DAY 10: add some more exercises like skipping rope to the exercise regime and continue with consuming fruits and whole grains foodstuff as breakfast and low-fat food like soups as snacks. Remember to follow the diet that is low in carbohydrates as well as sugar, for everlasting results.

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