How to make your Mascara more attractive with mascara boxes?

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Cosmetics play a vital role in the everyday life of a woman. One of the most important cosmetic products is mascara which comes in mascara boxes of various sizes and designs. As the demand for mascara as a beauty product is rising, brands are busy producing more and more such products.

Why is Packaging Important?

However, the production of a quality mascara is not the only requirement to guarantee the sale of the product. Besides the quality, the packaging of the product must be appealing and eye-catching. The packaging is the first thing a customer looks at even before the actual product so it must be eye-grabbing or else a large number of sales cannot be promised.

Packaging of mascara

Same is the case with mascara; the mascara packaging must be unique and appealing in addition to the good quality of the product. Every mascara brand wants its product to be better and different from others. People want their product to stand out amongst all the other products. This is the reason why they put so much effort to get their product distinguished packaging design. There are many different ways brands get their packaging designs, but mostly they go for custom designs. Mascara boxes that are custom designed are in great demand. Custom mascara boxes are being designed by a huge number of manufacturing companies. They will help you design your boxes as you desire.

Custom designs

Custom designs are very appealing and that too, when your design is able to convey the image you wish to convey to your customers. These designs act as an advertisement for the product that is completely new to the customer. You can make use of a lot many things when custom designing your mascara box packaging. You can get a distinguished shape for your box. It is great to opt for something different than the traditional rectangle and square-shaped boxes. Getting the perfect size of a mascara box set is also very important. You need a size that is not too large yet is able to accommodate your product easily. The colors and designs of boxes must also be appealing to customers. As this product is widely used by women, then choosing colors that attract them is a great idea. Bright pinks and reds attract a lot of women, and adding these colors to your boxes will be a great idea. Color of your product can be changed with changing seasons too. For example, you can use bright colors and get a Christmas tree designed on your box in Christmas season

The Material used for making a box

The box must be lightweight, but at the same time, it must be durable and long-lasting. For this purpose, it is important to use durable material for your box. The box can be made of plastic or cardboard. You have to make sure that whatever material you use is able to withstand wear and tear while being transported and does not cause leakage of the product. The product must not be harmed or wasted in any case. Choosing a material that is Eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable can attract customers and can keep our environment pollution free as well.

Adding graphics and detailing to box

Adding a pretty logo on your mascara beauty box will add an appeal to your product. This logo that is added to all your products can help in building brand recognition among customers. This strategy can drive a lot more sales. Besides adding a logo, a quirky little quote written on the box can grab extra attention from the customer. Furthermore, adding a distinguished pattern when going for box printing also serves the purpose. If keeping the costs a bit low is what you want, then go for labels. These are cheap, yet they give a self-done look at your product. Adding the real image of the product by packaging printing is also a great idea. This allows the customer to see what the actual product is like. Likewise, do add the manufacturing and expiry dates. In addition, make sure the font color and size you choose for box printing are readable.

Compare your products

It is good to compare your product packaging design with your competitors. This ensures that your product stands out and has a unique design. Also, this helps you learn new things about market of your product. Looking at other people’s designs can definitely give you new ideas and can help you improve your own packaging designs.
A bit alteration of the shape, size, or color for packaging can give a whole new look to your product and increase worth in the market. You can definitely increase the attractiveness of your mascara by putting a little effort to make its packaging unique and appealing. This will attract customers and increase sales too.

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