Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

by Farhan Rasheed
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The marriage is a very special event in a woman’s life where a special glow and charm is necessary on the bride’s face. In ancient times, friends and relatives of the bride are used to help the bride in makeup and dressing for the wedding. However, today, there are professionals’ and beauticians who take care of all parts of Indian Bridal Makeup.

The professional’s first work is to make the bride look elegant and gorgeous on her wedding day where each bride is dressed according to her taste and choice. In the past, the Indian Bridal make up include only of rose powder, moisturizer cream, lipstick, and kajal.

Today, brides use full bridal makeup and made fascinating hairstyles. Makeup applies according to the face structure and suitability of the bride. The Indian Bridal Make up today include of different products and cosmetics of makeup just like foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, concealer, loose powder, shimmer, lipstick, and so on.   

First of all, complete the makeup of the bride and then decide the best and perfect hairstyle. Hairstyle and makeup should be according to the face structure and suited to the bride’s personality. For bridal makeup, first cleaned the face thoroughly with a concealer that makes her skin even and clean. It is also used to hide dark circles and other blemishes of the skin. After this, apply pancake to give the same base of face for makeup.


 When starting the bride makeup, then keep in mind the bride’s skin color and tone and use the right foundation shade that is suited and easily blends with skin color. The concealer, pancake, and foundation have applied on the face and neck one by one, now the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow application with care.

Avoid using from blue and green eye shadow as they give an odd look to the face. Apply only two coat of mascara and a thin line of eyeliner if this line will be thick, it will give you an odd look to your eyes. Mascara and eyeliner make the eyes smoky and dazzling. 

After this, apply translucent powder to hide the shine of the makeup. Make a fabulous outline of lips by a lip liner and then filled with glowing dark lipstick. The best colors for lipsticks are reds, maroons, and light brown while pinks are not right as they clash with the dark skin color of the Indian bride. 

For the hairstyle, the simple French ponytail and rolls look good on the Indian bride. You can get readymade hair accessories just like pearls, golden lace and jeweled hair which are valuable for elegant hairstyles. Moreover, you can use fresh and colorful flowers to garland the hairstyle.  

     Summary: Indian bridal makeup tips

There are some useful tips for Indian bridal makeup and hairstyles have been mentioned in this article. Indian bridal makeup should apply according to the bride’s face structure and skin tone and color. Moreover, the bride’s hairstyle should be simple but attractive that enhanced the beauty and charm of a bride. 

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