Know Why Burgundy Prom Dresses have become the Hot Picks in the Fashion Industry

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You have taken online quizzes, gone for friends’ suggestions, and you still have not found the right dress yet. On the other hand, you are introduced to different silhouettes that are too tempting to refuse. It would be an easier decision if you could wear all the styles on the particular day. However, it is not possible and the reality is a lot difficult. To make the process brief, you should rely on a mermaid dress.

Mermaid dresses are a blend of elegance and playfulness in one outfit. Going with current trend, you can see how the silhouette differs from that of regular ones including A-line or trumpet. You must have heard that A-line gowns have classic silhouette flattering every body type. But A-line dresses are pretty common in the formal and semi-formal scenes. Often, mermaid gowns are sold as trumpet dresses but there is a huge difference between two. Hugging the curves well, the starting point of the flair makes the real difference. Trumpet’s flair starts from mid-thigh and mermaid’s starts below the knee. For the upcoming prom season, an air of drama is not bad too bad. That’s why mermaid gown wins over the traditional A-line or trumpet. If you wish to learn more about how to get dolled up with this style, read to know more.

  • Keep it Aside if You have Broad Shoulders

Mermaid prom dresses ensure good fitting, particularly in hips and shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, the mermaid cut will make you more muscular. On top of it, the inverted triangle body shape is not a good match for a similar style. If you have rectangular body shape with broader shoulders than hips, the mermaid gown will also work. For the same body shape and dress cut, the waist, shoulders, and hips should have equal width.

  • Perfect Choice for the Hourglass Beauties

The hourglass body shape is designated to women with full and curvy figures. If you have a small waist, the mermaid cut will justify to the physique. They usually have full bust and curves are pretty voluptuous. If you are daring to show off what you have, the dress style is a huge hit. The beautiful cut accentuates the bust keeping the focus on the hips. Here, the well-fitted figure-hugging shape adds little bit of flirtatiousness in the air and a lot of drama with the voluminous skirt. The fishtail skirt also adds a sense of grandeur yet in a very subtle way.

  • Do not Forget about the Color Scheme

The dress color is as important as the dress cut; hence, you cannot pick anything you like. For example, you can rely on the sultry scarlet red but carmine or fire engine red would not be the right choice to make. Similarly, you can think of royal blue because you are going to attend a formal event. If it is fluorescent blue, everyone may turn away from you. However, burgundy looks gorgeous on a mermaid cut due to its powerful and rich tone.

  • What Makes Mermaid the Best Choice

Among all the reasons, you need to think carefully about what makes the mermaid the best choice. The dress cut simply adds pizzazz to your personality. It is ideal for modern proms and you can add a few accessories. In the end, you will have a memorable time slow dancing in a stunning mermaid gown.

If you are a perfectionist, you can think of burgundy prom dresses available in the mermaid cut. The color is trending and it will be a win-win situation for young adults. So, what are you waiting for? Order your pick now!

Author bio: Dan Tai is a fashion blogger who helps the young girls find their favorite burgundy prom dresses every year. Here, she discusses how to wear mermaid prom dresses and why to choose the style to look out of the world.

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