Prepare Your Halloween Contact Lenses Perfectly for Halloween

by ImogenArnold
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Halloween is not almost here and I know that you all have your Halloween costumes and contact lenses ready. After all, Halloween contact lenses such as the black contact lenses are the secret to success for your Halloween costume party. 

But when the time comes for Halloween you need to prepare beforehand. You need to prepare right for Halloween, especially your Halloween contact lenses. You shouldn’t worry as the process for preparing for your Halloween lenses is similar to that of any other contact lenses. 

So we must look at the preparation method that would be required to follow before dressing up for Halloween.   

Preparation tips you need to look at

  1. Properly check your Halloween contact lenses before opening them

Thoroughly check your Halloween contact lenses before you open them. First check if the packaging is completely sealed and not damaged from anywhere. Damaged packaging may result in the damage of your contact lenses. 

Secondly, check that the package has same description as you ordered. The colour of the lenses and the type of the lenses. Make sure everything fits with your order. If there is anything that is not what you ordered you should ask for a replacement there and then.

Having them replaced shouldn’t be a problem, as the store you bought them from will take responsibility if they are a renowned brand. 

That is why we ask people to buy from renowned and trustworthy brands.

  1. Use the solution to clean the lenses before you wear them for Halloween.

Always soak your contact lenses Halloween for 2-3 hours in the solution after you open them. That is because the lenses are usually soaked in a fluid while sealed to keep them fresh. That fluid may not be right for your eyes so you need to put them in the solution so that the effects of that solution wear off. 

The solution you were prescribed by the doctor is suited perfectly for your eyes, so soaking in that solution will keep the Halloween contact lenses comfortable for your eyes. 

Also, keeping your lenses clean is also paramount, the solution keeps all the unwanted particles away from the Halloween contact lenses.

So we should only use the solution that comes with the lenses?

Yes, you must only use the solution that you get with your Halloween contact lenses.

Firstly, the solution is especially made for that contact lenses and then you need to use that solution only. You cannot use any other solution then the disinfectant solution that comes with it.

Never use water or any home made solution to clean your Halloween contact lenses. It could damage the contact lenses.

More tips to clean your Halloween contact lenses

Before you touch your Halloween contact lenses you must clean your hands and maintain complete hygiene. Clean your hands with warm water and then dry it off.

Once you take the contact lenses out the case, you must throw away the solution from the case and then refill it with a fresh solution. And before that clean your case with the solution.

The case filled with solution will have debris from the used Halloween contact lenses. So that is why you need to refill it with the new solution.

When you open your Halloween contact lenses immerse them in the solution, even if they are daily disposable contact lenses. It is important to remove the fluid they were in while sealed.

Remember not to share your Halloween contact lenses with anyone. Sharing can transmit dangerous eye diseases from one person to another. So keep your Halloween contacts to yourself.

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