Property rentals: 8 interior design trends storming the industry

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When maintenance of property rentals is concerned, it goes beyond just the typical lawn mowing and dealing with a leaky situation. An up-to-date interior, geared with the latest style that just blend into the environment perfectly.

Doing so would make it easier to attract tenants and making them take a decision in favour of your real estate unit. This is important especially for starters or if you’re struggling to pull renters in an already established setup.

A boost in interior design would also thrust the rent upwards which is good for owners as well as agents involved in the deal. Raising the rent whilst having tenants can be tricky but with all the hottest interior design trends, you can easily convince them.

  1. Real-time situation

Much like technology, interior design trends also shift with the season. Things rapidly come in and go out of style only to be replaced by something more radical. Can be a costly deal, a strategy to deal with such a situation is including timeless elements in core design of property rentals in Dubai. For instance, main floor with an open concept, durable windows, doors and other fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, cost-effective and robust materials so on.

With this, you won’t hurt your bank even as new trends rise, allowing you to upgrade cost-effectively. We’re likely to see a perfect blend of old and new concept with interior design promising eclectic and functional spaces. Here’s a preview of what’s about to come forth;

  1. Terracotta tiles

The tile of the 80s, none other than terracotta are soon to take over the typical hardwood floor, white and various cool toned tiles. While not all the material used earlier in terracotta is acceptable, they’ll come with enhanced finish instead of the usual gloss whereas colour combination would complement the natural surroundings. If your rental unit is expecting a floor refinish, an updated brick fireplace or new shower tiling, terracotta is the first choice this year.

  1. Cork walls

Yet another reincarnation from the 80s but with more appealing style and enhanced quality is the cork. Besides being stylish, the material is functional for a tacking the groceries, storing reminders, home decoration pieces and much more. As we speak, people already started creating entire walls from cork especially in the kitchen and dining room. Creative designers nowadays also create furniture like coffee tables, stools and side tables from cork.



  1. The plain pastels

Pastel paint is always appealing because of its natural resemblance to plain, earthy shades on the walls. Spring shades such as rose pink, lavender looks quite organic and more appealing with softer silhouettes and curves, giving it a unique design aspect. This muted or hushed colour patter is likely to appear on carpets, upholstery, walls and fabrics in 2017.

  1. Vintage on the rise

During the last few years, vintage or antiquated style is coming back and eventually received a warm welcome. However, these vintage items have taken a modern spin with the mid-century décor that includes classic furniture, wood pattern and decorated art work.

  1. Go with pink

There’s a liking to particular colour every year and pink is for 2017. Pink has never been a popular theme for interior home décor except for a six-year old girl’s bedroom but like everything, trend has now changed as accent walls, coffee tables, furniture and common spaces boast pink.

  1. Bed frames & headboards

Nowadays, fancy bedframes are trendy all the way from headboard to footboard. Most of the headboards follow a typical wing-like design, reminiscent of the 60s. Colour of these particular bedframes is neutral that complements perfectly to the design. If you’re displaying the property rentals with complete furniture and other features, it’s a great opportunity to ask for a higher rent and some might even agree to it.

  1. Natural textures

Natural decorations and textures are cherished among the Millennials. Particular texture in glass, walls and even fabrics are a part of home décor so prefer choosing a natural tone that’s appealing.

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