Smoking Vs Vaping Health Risks and Safety Compared

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Health is priceless so it is important that you take excellent care of it. Smoking is a common practice despite the multitudes of campaigns that tell people about the cons of smoking. It is bad for health and can even be fatal. It is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK.

Smoking has evolved a lot over years and apart from traditional cigarettes, you can try vaping. Vaping is gaining a lot of popularity because it is considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes. It also offers a lot of flavor options. You can go to the best vape shop Blackburn and find any flavor that you like. Smoking whether it is traditional cigarettes or vapes can cause serious health conditions.

Vaping and smoking have a lot of health risks and it is important that you understand how it is going to affect your health.
Health risks of smoking:

1. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The smokers are highly likely to suffer from diseases related to blood vessels and heart. The ingredients used in cigarettes increase the risk of strokes People who smoke less than five cigarettes a day are likely to show early signs of cardiovascular disease. Smoking is bad for the blood vessels as it makes them grow narrower and thicker. The heart starts to beat faster causing the blood pressure to increase and even form clots.
2. Respiratory diseases are a common consequence of smoking. When you are smoking you are inhaling all the harmful ingredients that are present in the cigarettes so it has a direct impact on the lungs. Smoking can result in serious health issues like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.
3. Smoking makes your body vulnerable to all types of cancer. It can cause cancer anywhere in your body. Smokers are more likely to suffer from cancer in body parts such as pancreas, lungs, liver, esophagus, bladder, stomach, blood, ureter, trachea, oropharynx, kidney, colon, etc.
Smoking also decreases the chances of recovering from cancer.
4. Cigarettes can also have a negative impact on fertility. In women, it can make it hard to become pregnant and also affect the health of the baby before and after birth.
5. It can affect bone health as well. The bones of women that smoke becomes weaker after childbearing as compared to non-smokers.
6. Smoking has a bad effect on the eyes as well. It increases the risk of cataracts and also causes age-related macular degeneration and damages the vision.
7. The immune system of the human body is also affected by smoking. It can cause inflammation in different parts of the body.
8. Smoking can also result in rheumatoid arthritis.

Health risks of vaping:

Awareness of the dangers of smoking is increasing and people are looking for alternatives that can help them in quitting the bad habit. Vaping has gained a lot of popularity because it is often presented as a less harmful alternative to smoking. There is also a belief that it is helpful in dealing with nicotine addiction.
Vaping mat does not use all the harmful chemicals used in traditional cigarettes but it still has a certain percentage of nicotine so it is not completely harmless. Just like smoking, vaping also present some serious health risks.
1. The e-cigarettes and vapes have nicotine and they can lead to nicotine addiction. Nicotine affects the reward center of the brain and is responsible for releasing the chemicals that make a person feel good. It encourages people to increase the nicotine percentage in their vapes and slowly a person becomes addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction affects the brain and makes it impossible for it to function properly without nicotine. If you are already a smoker then by neither switching to vaping you are nor handling the addiction. You are simply trading one addiction for another.
2. The vapes use batteries to function and the batteries mostly used are lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are used for heating the coils and aerosol production. On some rare occasions, the batteries used in vapes have malfunctioned and have exploded. If the batteries are not properly cared for then they can become a serious safety and health hazard.
3. There is not much information on how vaping can have affect health in the long run. But there has been some connection established between vaping and chronic health issues like heart attacks.
4. The vapors created and inhaled by the vapes may seem less harmful than traditional cigarettes but that does not mean that they are completely harmless. They contain tiny particles that can damage the sensitive tissues of the lungs. It can cause trouble in breathing and also serious chest pain.
5. Like traditional cigarettes the vapes also have nicotine and nicotine can lead to serious cardiovascular issues. It is not good for the blood flow and regular use of e-cigarettes or vapes increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, heart disease, etc.

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