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1. Lemon juice and honey
Lemon juice and honey bring white and shiny skin. Both of the ingredients have an effect of eliminating old skin cells, regenerate new cells, preventing the black pigment and dark skin
With these tips, you take one fresh lemon, washed, halved and juiced for 1-2 teaspoons of honey and stir well. drink 1-2 glasses every day; you will quickly feel the healthy skin, natural whitening skin
2. Banana and Almond
Banana and almond smoothie is a combination of vegetable protein, potassium, fiber, calcium, and omega 3 for whitening skin, smooth skin. In particular, omega 3 also has effective anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the secret of whitening skin is this drink, a great choice for those with sensitive skin, bring silky pinky-white skin
3. Tomato juice
Tomatoes have a lot of vitamins and minerals, particularly is beta carotene, helps the skin against the harmful effects of the external environment. Therefore, drinking tomato juice regularly will make your skin more radiant white roses. However, you should also note that only 2-3 drinks per week should be taken to avoid excess vitamin in the body.
4. Soymilk
Soy milk is very rich in vitamin C p and E, help increase the skin smooth and effect to blurring scar. Therefore, you should actively drink soymilk every day to get skin like that
5. Lemon and fresh milk
The abundant source of vitamin C from lemon combined with the rich nutrients from raw milk helps skin rapidly beautiful. Drink this mixture regularly helps slow the aging process, stimulates skin whitening mechanism of the body naturally.
6. Coconut
Coconut is not just a summer beverage but also a useful source of nutrition for the skin. In coconut contains a lot of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins help to blur scar, prevent acne, anti-aging and skin whitening effective.

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