What Are The Lovely Places To Visit In Malaysia?

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Malaysia is the ideal destination for your Sunrise as lovely as it sounds. Malaysia is the perfect place to begin your new romance with a combination of contemporary facilities and lovely natural backdrop. In its real sense, Malaysia is indeed Asia. 

The vibrancy of culture, the modern world’s amenities and hot individuals make it a truly loved place for everyone. Malaysia is one of the favourite locations of all time for those who begin their new lives together. Plan your Malaysian honeymoon? Here are the best locations to visit for a honeymoon in Malaysia.

1. Batu Ferringhi Beach

The Batu Ferringhi beach, known as the foreign rock, is situated on Penang Island in Malaysia. It is murdered in seafood and water sports restaurants which are the perfect place to boost your love. It is ideal for honeymoon and a long winding road with miles of sandy white. 

You can parasail your better half with a variety of water sports at your disposal. You may also visit the night market in Batu Ferringhi, where local people sell Batik garments on the shoreline. Batu Ferringhi Beach is the place to be for a wet and wilderness in your honeymoon.

Best Things To Do in Batu Ferringhi –

  • Batu Ferringhi Night market 
  • Discover the tropical spicy garden Wet World Wild Waterpark and enjoy your journey through Penang Batik factory.

2. Pulau Langkawi- The Land of Turquoise Waters

The honeymoon is ideally located for a youthful, loveable couple. Pulau Langkawi, also known as the Jeddah Joy. Pulau Langkawi is your location if you are romantic in the desperate search of an adventuring attraction. Admire the beauty of nature while savouring the most delicious delicacies of seafood or enjoying a lifetime water adventure underwater. Opt Malaysia Holiday Packages from Dubai.

Best things to do in Langkawi-

  • Enjoy the Langkawi Sky Bridge. 
  • Have a look at the magnificent Dataran Lang.
  • Experience the Langkawi cable vehicle.

3. Redang Island- The Unmissable Beauty

Redang Island is an island of beauty that many can not imagine, for those who love to lie down in the arms of nature and to relax. It is not only the appeal of the wedding lunches that the beauty of Redang Island is restricted to but also Redang Island is the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Redang Island is ideal for laid-back and adventurous honeymooners whether you are discovering the exciting sea life in the crystalline ocean or windsurfing about it.

Best things to do in Redang Island-

  • Enjoy your local cuisine at the Food Court in Redang Laguna 
  • Enjoy Turtle viewing Pasir Chagar Hutang activities 
  • Trek through the island to discover its beauty.

4. Tanjung Aru- For the Dazzling Sunset

Tanjung Aru is a favourite two because of the bright sunset located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, sub-district. Tanjung Aru is ideal for couples who want to spend a nice time together in a quiet, less company place. You can go horseback along the coast and hike through the jungle for a natural brush. At night you can taste local tastes with plenty of local food serving hot Malaysian seafood.

Best things to do in Tanjung Aru-

  • Take a walk with your love hands in hand across lovely beaches 
  • Experience the incredible coral reefs and snore 
  • Take a walk through the forest for an adventurous journey to discover the wealthy flora and wildlife.

5. Malacca- The UNESCO World Heritage Site

Malacca is the third smallest state in Malaysia and a UNESCO site. It is an ideal place to discover Malaysia’s historical legacy and to walk through the history of this beautiful country. The A’Famosa golf course is for golf enthusiasts. 

For the nightlife, the cowboy town provides you and your partner the best evening. For those who love animals, the Butterfly and Melaka zoo and reptile sanctuary shouldn’t be forest to visit. You can choose Dubai Malaysia Holiday Packages.

Best things to do in Malacca-

  • Enjoy a sparkling cruise for a romantic evening on the Melaka River. • Do not forget about the Trishaw Ride all over Malacca city, and experience its cultural history. 
  • Visit the renowned Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary of Melaka.

6. Cameron Highlands- The Green at its Best

In Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is the place to relax and enjoy the warm yet not chilling cold climate. The Hotel Cameron offers you breathtaking moments in natural beauty–starting from visits to tea plantations to tastes delicious strawberry farms. Jungle Trekking is an excellent choice for adventurous people. For the best local snacks don’t forget to visit the tunnel museum and the weekend night market.

Best things to do in Cameron Highlands-

  • Take a stroll through the large tea plantations manually. 
  • Take a walk through the forest to find astonishing greens, climb Mount Brinchang and enjoy a wonderful view of the huge greenery. 
  • Enjoy fresh strawberries to pick and eat.

7. Kuala Lumpur- The Vibrancy of the Capital

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful place to enjoy a little of everything. Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place for a couple of people from the world’s finest spas to shopping malls, exotically travelled and the music and theatre. Along with the Chinese market glitz in Kuala Lumpur, do not forget to take advantage of the Central Market. The town is the best place to discover Jalan Alor’s wonderful street food.

Best things to do in Kuala Lumpur

  • Enjoying shopping in the Chinatown streets 
  • Take a stroll through the lively old streets of Chinatown, on the random feet of the Golden 
  • Triangle, in the Batu Caves, renowned world-famous.

8. Tioman Island- The Exclusivity with Nature

The island of Tianan is intended by nature as a dragon because it is the folklore dragon princess’s tale that rests here in the ways that charm her prince. In every corner, the Island is romantic and ideal for couples who are looking for privacy and solitude. For lovers of exotic ocean life and pristine beaches, nothing is better than Tioman Island.

Best things to do in Tioman island

  • Laze around the world’s most picturesque beaches 
  • Enjoy a journey around the rainforest to the Asah waterfall 
  • Shop till you leave … this is a duty-free island. 
  • Discover the snorkelling underwater. Along with London if you want to go to London you can opt All-Inclusive London Vacation Packages.

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