Why is it Important to Care Your Nose?

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The thing present in the middle of our eyes, isn’t there just for the beauty of our face. In fact, our whole health depends on our nose. It plays an important role in respiration. Our nose is the main pathway of the air we breathe. It cleans, humidifies the incoming air and regulates its temperature.

Role of Nose and Taste

Everyone knows that nose is responsible for smell, but did you know that it also participates in taste? Yes, when you say “taste”, most of the people think about “tongue”. But in reality, when you chew your food, without realizing, you push the air to through the nasal passage, the nose smells the food and send message to the mouth in a process called olfactory referral helping the mouth taste the food with the sensation of smell. This is the reason why people with cold have difficulty in tasting.

Nose and Brain

The nose is also a direct path for the substance to travels to the brain, it is kind of a window to the brain. This means that if not cared properly, nose can allow some harmful viruses and bacteria to enter brain, which may result in severe brain problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Nose and Ear

Nose and ear are like blood brothers, they are related with each other. If one is suffering from pain, other may not feel well. Not cleaning and caring your nose may cause sinus congestion and stuffiness. The clogged and stuffed sinuses exert pressure on your ear that cause ear pain, dizziness and muffled-ear sensation.

Diseases You Can Get by Not Caring Your Nose

The more you care for your nose, you are less likely to develop common diseases like; cough, cold, fever, sneezing, nasal allergies that can cause constant running nose and sinus infections. Caring your nose can also prevent you from some critical diseases such as; asthma, pneumonia, blood coughing, noisy breathing, chest pain, deviated septum and chronic mucus. In some cases, less cleaning of nose may also result in lung cancer, but this condition is very rare.

Ways to Care for Your Nose

The first step to take care of your nose is to start implement some basic hygienic routine like avoiding carpets if possible, carpets are the home of air pollutants that can cause irritation, cough and sore throat. Clean your house regularly. Don’t let the dust particle accumulate your home.

Regulate the humidity

Try to keep the humidity of your home at 30 to 50 %. If the humidity is low, you have a great chance of developing some respiratory issues, bleeding noses, sinus problems, lung problems, scratchy nose and throat. Chances of catching colds is also increased in low humidity.

On the other hand, high humidity also has its negative impacts on nose as it produces more mucus, which makes the breathing process very difficult. Hence, there is a chance of developing asthma in high humidity.

Nasal Cleaning

Using saline or salt water solution for nasal cleaning is proved to be beneficial. Saline water washes away allergens, mucus and other debris relieving stuffy nose and sinus infections. You can make your nasal irrigation much easier with the help of a neti pot or a nasal bulb.

In case you are out of saline water, never use tap water for nasal irrigation, as several organisms will stay alive in your nasal passage and can cause serious health problems. Instead, you are advised to use a filtered or soft water for rinsing your nose. Soft water will not only protect you from bacteria and harmful viruses but also prevent your nose from itching, if you want to know how, the urban fashion website has got some information regarding how soft water helps your skin.

Avoid Smoking and Passive Smoking

The tobacco you inhale during smoking irritates your nasal passage and harmful gases like ammonia and acetaldehyde provoke your nose and sinus to produce more mucus that results in various types of cancer like nose, throat and lung cancer. Therefore, it is always advised to avoid smoking in order to prevent your respiratory system.


Again, nose is not stuck there just for our beauty or sense of odor, nose protects us and our health. Nose protects our lungs, it protects throat, it protects ears, it protects brain, it protects our whole respiratory pathway. So if we want to live a healthy life, we should at least protect our nose.

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